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Doing too much

So last week, I fell in love with this purse that I found on the Purl Bee blog.  I got all the supplies together, and I promised myself that I was going to make it on Sunday.

But there was that embroidery project to work on.  And that sparked an idea — what about putting some embroidery on the purse?  (Just one motif, of course — don’t want to overwhelm myself)  Well, ok — I figured I’d just finish the leaves on my embroidery project, then I’d start on the purse.

So I worked on that for a while.  Then I got a headache.  I figured that I had better go lay down — after all, weekends are for relaxing, right?  As I was falling asleep, I remembered those blackberries in the freezer.  So I felt guilty about not even starting to make that blackberry jam  as I dropped off to sleep. After the nap, I still needed to finish the embroidery, so I did that.

Dinner?  Oh, yeah.  Better eat that.  Dinner is important.

But wait a minute — what about the purse?  It is so cute, and I could really use a nice big summer purse.  And I had been intending to make it — really,  I had.  My headache began to return as I  beat myself up about it.  At this point, my darling husband pointed out that  I could still work on the purse a bit, even if I can’t finish it.

So that is what I do.  I printed and cut out the pattern, then taped it together.  By this time, it is 10pm.  No more working on the purse for me.  *sigh*  Maybe next weekend.

Perhaps this is a sign that I need to be more realistic in my planning. What do you all do to keep things from getting overwhelming?


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