Captain Hook Yarn Bombs LA

NPR has a piece on Captain Hook, a craftivist who yarn bombs statues in the LA area.  The story recounts how Captain Hook dresses up a statue of a bear (what is it with yarn bombers and bears these days?) in Griffith Park for the 10th time.  The story solves a local LA mystery as to the nature of the bear’s recent wardrobe changes. Park employees are rather fond of her work:

“Marshal Barrena, the park’s senior gardener and the man ultimately responsible for the bear, is a fan. “It puts a little spring in your step, seeing something like that in the morning,” Barrena says.” — NPR

Check out this great pic of the yarn bombing crew on Flickr. (I’d put it up, but it is marked ‘All Rights Reserved’)

Some people call yarn bombing a form of vandalism. Others say it is art or activism. What do you think?


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