Yarn Bombers Target Denver

image of "slave to the craft" art piece by the Ladies Fancywork Society

My goodness! They even crocheted the yarn for the yarn ball!

That big blue bear* right outside of the Denver Convention Center has been yarn-bombed.  A group of crocheting street artist craftivists** calling themselves the Ladies’ Fancywork Society put a (crocheted, of course) ball and chain on the bear’s leg and called the resulting work “Slave to the Craft”.  The work was  swiftly removed by convention center officials, but photos survive!  Check them out (and get the full story) at Denver Westword’s Art Blog.

*The sculpture’s official name is “I see what you mean”.  This makes sense when you consider that the giant blue bear is peering in the windows of the convention center.

** Craftivism is a form of activism associated with the use of craft.  Wikipedia has an entry on craftivism, and craftivists have their own website with a definition.


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